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As a company founded by a woman of color, we are proud to support the amazing female-owned and POC founded organization.  We welcome every idea, yet we are brutally honest and productively critical as we value your time and resources. We can inspire and highlight your unique brand idea to its fullest and explore its future; opening the doors for opportunities you may have not yet envisioned.  We are honored to have the opportunities to provide our services and to collaborate with some of the most incredible brands.

WOC-Founded & lead organization providing sustainable lifestyle resources and choices

Lead the Creative in branding, visual direction for consistent and strong brand voice.  Source, research and vet sustainable resources of in various lifestyle sectors. Provide marketing ideas and graphic design & imagery for brand's visual and social media.

WOC-Founded & Owned

Education, Services, Events Brand Based on 

Korean Reusable & Washable Gift Wrapping Cloths

Created the full Branding : brand name, logo design, trademark, graphic design, website, photoshoot, simple SEO, social media, marketing, and etc.  Strategize product design, merchandising, material sourcing and costing. Facilitate small group gift wrapping events.


Emerging Designer Fashion Platform 

Provided with broad brand consulting, brain storming sessions and candid, critical conversations prior to launch: Brand names, business direction, experience, brand architecture, competitors, designers, industry connections & introductions, etc.

WOC-Founded & Owned Luxury Leather Goods

Art directed, produced, styled and edited the collection photoshoot.  Created the collection lookbooks that lead the Brand to become a top Finalist of the Gray Awards. Provided business coaching, marketing and social media direction and overall direction of the brand. 

BIPOC Female Conceptual Artist

Author / Poet / Activist

Collaborated with the artist to artistically style and photograph various bottles of Black Joy for a conceptual exhibition, Black Imagination.  All photos photographed by our Creative Director.

Female-Founded & Owned Leather Goods

Small Batch / Made in USA

Created and facilitate a potential Brand Licensing opportunity in Asia looking for an emerging handbag brand in the US.  Provided daily communication and translation between the two companies and mediated the sample-making and sourcing process for a potential partnership.

Female-Founded Luxury Shirtdresses

Small Batch / Made in USA

Provided technical support : facilitated fitting sessions, created and generated fit notes, tech packs, sketches, grading, garment finishes and supported in textiles and manufacturer sourcing.

WOC-Founded and Owned

Sustainable Alpaca Knitwear

Brainstorming sessions prior to launch, product review, merchandising/sizing, inclusivity/diversity in style and marketing. Continue to mentor, share experiences and industry connections for sales growth and brand recognition.

WOC-Founded & Owned

Designer RTW Collection / Small Batch

Created designs and sketches for wovens & leather collection.  Provided new manufacturing & sourcing connections for high-quality with small batch quantities.

WOC Founded, POC-led collective of ARTivists

Creatively improved 5 postcard designs based on existing photographs of social-activism. Created technical InDesign file -- adjusted layouts to be more impactful and functions to be print-ready, supported in selection of printing paper and meeting with the printing company.  


Slow Fashion Leather Footwear for Kids

Provided brainstorming sessions and broad brand consulting : product review, critique, merchandising strategies, marketing strategies, potential collaborations with other independent brands for pop ups, etc.

Independent Fashion Magazine

Art Directed, Styled and Edited photoshoot. Creatively lead the photoshoot to exclusively focused with local luxury knitwear brands and collaborated with the designers.

POC Founded & Owned

Leather Wear, Handbags, Footwear & Accessories

Art Directed, Produced, Edited and Co-Styled collection lookbook photoshoot for the US Market. Continuously provide overview critique on products, visuals and general US market for brand's global impact and growth strategy.


Maternity & Post-Maternity Luxury Apparel Brand

Small Batch / Made in USA

Created & supported in designs, sketches, tech packs, fit sessions, fit notes, technical support, grading and manufacturer sourcing.  Provided fashion industry concept-to-production coaching and mentorship.

POC-Founded & Owned

Cashmere Accessories Brand in Japan

Provided sales and industry connections for business growth in the US Market


Apparel that "Fits Regardless"

Small Batch, Made in USA

Brainstormed and provided technical solutions for a jumpsuit style. Provided critique and streamlined merchandising ideas.


POC-Founded & Owned Handbags

Generating brainstorming, market research, critical thinking and idea leading to the launch product. Created forecasting materials for style, material, color and shapes. Featured in Vogue Korea and W Magazine.


Luxury Outerwear & RTW / Made in Italy

Provided technical support -- fitting, fit comments, tech packs, garment measurements, spec & grading review for Ready-To-Wear collection.

Female-Founded & Owned

Womens Ready-To-Wear / Made in USA

Provided creative technical solutions : flat technical sketches to mirror products, facilitated fit sessions, create fit notes, garment reviews, measurements specs and grading.  Coached on brand direction and overview of brand strategies. 



Leather Apparel and Handbag Supplier in Korea

Creative Direction : Trend forecasting of color, material, silhouettes, details on women's leather apparel and handbags, that are used for presentations with clients (including Dillard's, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, etc.)  Designed & created tech packs for Fall/Winter seasons.


Cashmere Knitwear Collection

Provide feedback on seasonal collection assortment and support with the lookbook photoshoot session with styling models.

Female-Founded Special Occasion Apparel

Idea generating brainstorming sessions for business direction and strategy. Provided mentorship -- experience sharing, support and guidance for building niche-focused business.

Female-Founded Non-Profit Organization, Seattle Region

Served on the Board as the Mentorship Chair,  organized & facilitated the Award-Winning Mentorship Program -- recruited and matched mentors and mentees, generated collaborating sessions and conversations between the industry experts and the new fashion business founders. As a veteran Executive Member, the Creative Director, Sük Chai continuously provides mentorship sessions, lectures, critical thinking and guidance to new fashion businesses.

WOC-Owned Boutique

Modern Treasures & Gifts

Display design, product merchandising, inventory & stock management, provide customer experience, manage Shopify, orders of wholesale brands/vendor and daily unique changing needs of a small business.

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